Media and Cultural Theory

Media and Cultural Theory

In the years since the publication of our previous volume Cultural Studies and Communications in 19961 much has changed in the fields of media and cultural studies. Like that volume, this one represents the specific, hybrid combination of these disciplines that has been developed by past and present members of our own department, in collaboration with a group of scholars in other institutions with whom we have worked increasingly closely in recent years

۲ The intellectual centre of gravity of our project could probably best be mapped as falling along the fault lines of media and cultural studies, as conventionally defined. This is no mishap, but rather, betokens an intellectual choice to inhabit this ‘intermediate zone’, in the conviction that it is at the point where the productive tensions between these fields are at their strongest that the most interesting work is to be
done. Certainly, these fields have themselves changed since 1996 and it may now even be hard (not to mention unprofitable) to attempt to disentangle them – to the extent that the field of investigation of this book could perhaps be defined as that of media-studies-after-the-impact-of-cultural-studies. m

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