The Act of Writing

The Act of Writing

This book is a wide-ranging exploration of the act of writing which focuses on a variety of ways in which the experience is framed. It highlights major processes of mediation involved in writing, including the dynamic nature of the writer’s engagement with media such as language, the written word and writing tools

 It involves a particular focus on academic writers, although many references are also made to literary writers. In British academic terms, the book might be regarded as part of: ‘literacy studies’ in education or applied linguistics; or as part of ‘cultural studies’ or ‘communication studies’ (blending psychology, sociology, literary theory, semiotics and linguistics). In north American terms, it might be classed as ‘composition research’, a slightly more focused hybrid of disciplines (primarily psychology, education and linguistics, and such subdisciplines as psycholinguistics and sociolinguistics) which are concerned with aspects of the writing of writing.m


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