The Networked Nonprofit

The Networked Nonprofit

The tragic earthquake in Haiti reverberated around the world on social media channels such as Facebook. Millions of people responded immediately by sending money by text message, sharing stories online, and organizing help for Haitians

 Because of the spread of social media, we were able to respond in numbers and ways that would have been impossible just a few years ago. We are social beings who thrive on connecting with one another and sharing our interests and issues. People love sharing their stories with one another. Sites such as Facebook enable us to connect with friends, new and old, all around the world and share our stories.m

I truly enjoy my job at Facebook, where I focus on politics, nonprofi ts, and news and current events. We get to witness fi rsthand the conversations people are having around the world about important topics and events. There are more than 350 million people connecting with one another on Facebook, posting updates, sharing photos and videos, and promoting causes they are passionate about. What makes Facebook so powerful is that an individual can share content with his or her friends, who in turn share it with their friends — and in just a short time, a large number of people can come together around a common interest in a truly global conversation. m


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