Scottish Newspapers, Language and Identity

Scottish Newspapers, Language and Identity

Thanks are due to numerous people for their help and support during the writing of this book, and space permits me to name only a few. An Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Research Leave Grant and research leave and support from the School of English, University of Leeds made the writing of it possible

 David Woolls’ computing expertise developed the database that underpins most of the research, and Jean Anderson  and Flora Edmonds (University of Glasgow) gave valuable IT assistance in earlier phases of the project. Sarah Edwards provided the opportunity to write the book, and she and Esme´ Watson, both of Edinburgh University Press, gave expert guidance throughout the process. The Daily Record kindly gave me access to their library resources during the data collection phase. Anthea Fraser Gupta and Clive Upton (University of Leeds) generously gave of their time to read and comment on drafts of the manuscript, as did John Corbett (University of Glasgow). Christian Kay (previously University of Glasgow) gave valuable guidance on the original 1995 research, and I am grateful to the late John Sinclair for his encouragement to publish it. Alison Johnson (University of Leeds) gave much appreciated help with the proof-checking and some useful comments on the last chapter. The faults which remain are naturally my own. Finally, special thanks go to my husband, Ian McFaull , for his unstinting patience, support and encouragement throughout the writing of this book.m


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